Worship is your supernatural weapon of warfare in times of trial

Sometimes God in His wisdom does not immediately deliver us from trials but He reveals ways of how to go through something and carries us every single step! He teaches us Supernatural Strategies and He exchanges His strength for our weakness!”
Read more as Angie shares how she uses worship to get through her difficult times…

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Getting through life one puzzle piece at a time

Most of us are going through stuff, illness, hurt, lack of finances, or worse… But we are not going through this alone. God is with us every step of the way.

The Word of God contains the promises that God has given us. As you read His Word, He will unlock the words for you, take you on a gentle journey to start the healing process. A small puzzle piece at a time. He will meet you where you are, wash you in the Blood of Jesus, and gently show you the next step.

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Obedience when facing obstacles brings the greatest miracles

If you are living a Spirit-Led life, but feel stuck in the wilderness with no way out, this word is for you. Angie shares what God has layed on her heart, highlighting the scripture in Exodus when God tells the Israelites to turn, even though that would lead them straight into an ambush! But God had a bigger miracle planned for that day, opening up the Red Sea so they could pass through. God once again showed His people that He was in control and He would lead them, and even if everything points away from doing it God’s way, God WILL come through for you, even at that last moment!

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