Obedience when facing obstacles brings the greatest miracles

NB!! Hi friends! I felt such a burning in my heart this morning, that Daddy God wanted me to repost this word, of a while ago! Even if it touches 1 person, that’s great! I just need to obey my Father’s prompts…I know it’s a reminder for me too… Love Angie 💖💙💚

Here it is as I posted it…..
“URGENT!!! Dear friends! God showed me these things, since 2am when He woke me up to start typing! Each time I switched the light off to go sleep, He would not let me. So I KNOW this is an important word for some people, in fact for all God’s children! I will be so blessed if you can please read it, I believe God wants us to know some things from deep in His heart….

“Many children of God, especially those that have much influence in the Body of Christ, those who are passionate, “on fire” for God’s Kingdom to come here on earth, authentic leaders, and those who have found the key to a lifestyle of worship in Spirit and in Truth, are feeling SO weary, and it feels like you have no “fight” left. It feels like your “get up and go” has literally “gotten up” and left without you…..”

“In fact, it feels like, in ALL your life, you seem to be at your MOST vulnerable place EVER! With NO answers. You’ve done ALL you know to do! You have been declaring and speaking “life” into your challenges, decreeing scriptures etc, and still it seems like nothing is happening! You have obeyed what you know in your heart is God’s voice, but now you feel, maybe it was your own thoughts. And you’re feeling desperate and afraid, cause it seems like His promises are not being fulfilled in your life! And it’s like everything is falling apart around you!”

“In the Spirit, I am sensing a real sense of hectic DESPERATION!!! …cause in the past you have always had the grace to rise up, despite what you “feel!” But now it feels like you are like a ship, that’s taken in too much water, from being battered by the storms and rocks, and you feel like you are sinking!”

“You can be at a place with so many people! Yet you still feel totally alone! Like you are the only person feeling this way! The reason for this, is because of the influence you have, you feel ĺike you cannot possibly be seen to be feeling so “weak,” and you would not dare to try and let someone else know what’s really going on in your heart, cause if they REALLY knew, you fear that they would misunderstand and judge you, and ultimately “reject” you!”

Sadly it’s human nature to reject what we don’t understand! So deep inside your heart, if you really have to be honest with yourself, you’re feeling like a “fake”…..(I know this is a “mouthful,” but I am writing it exactly how the Holy Spirit is downloading it into my heart!) I know many will relate to at least some, of what I have described here, if not all…)

“God reminded me of the account in Exodus 14 from verse 1, where the Isrealites were being pursued by the Pharaoh and the Egyptian army, into the wilderness, and God spoke to Moses to say that he must tell the people to “turn” and He gave him specific directions which basically led them to the foot of the Red Sea. With the Egyptians closing in on them! They were trapped! And that was NOT because of disobedience, but obedience!”

Exodus 14: 1-4 (MSG) God spoke to Moses: “Tell the Israelites to turn around and make camp at Pi Hahiroth, between Migdol and the sea. Camp on the shore of the sea opposite Baal Zephon.
“Pharaoh will think, ‘The Israelites are lost; they’re confused. The wilderness has closed in on them.’ Then I’ll make Pharaoh’s heart stubborn again and he’ll chase after them. And I’ll use Pharaoh and his army to put my Glory on display. Then the Egyptians will realize that I am God.”
And that’s what happened.

“When we think of the Israelites in the wilderness, we mostly think of all they did wrong. But here is an account of where they listened to God, step by step, to the letter! And if you read from verse one, it says, tell the people to “turn…..” So this tells us that they were actually walking away from a possible ambush! They listened and obeyed step for step, yet there they stood, having really obeyed God. Yet they seemed stuck! God showed me that many are literally in the same place the Israelites were then.”

“And we all know the story. That God opened the Red Sea, and they crossed over on dry ground! And when the Egyptians came, pursuing them, God closed up the sea again, and the Egyptian army were all drowned!”

“And God once again showed His people that He was in control and He would lead them, and even if everything points away from doing it God’s way, God WILL come through for you, even at that last moment! And all that is “pursuing” you (physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, relationally etc), God will deal with them in HIS way and HIS time. And especially when you feel trapped! That’s when He loves to reveal Himself to you and your circumstances, and people will know it can only be God! He is wanting to do so many miracles in your life! Just because He loves and adores you! And when people see the impossible happening in your life! Then our awesome God gets ALL the glory!”

“Does this sound familiar? If you relate, and you have obeyed God, He wants you to know, whatever you’re going through, this…..”IS NOT YOUR FAULT and you have NOT missed God!! You are right on time! God’s timing is perfect! He will not be late!”

“Just like with the Israelites. God knew that to get to the Promised Land, they HAD TO go through the Red Sea! God is showing you, that sometimes in life, you MUST go through the waters and through the fire, cause just beyond it is the most beautiful Promised Land! There is absolutely no way “around” some things! You’ve had to experience the desperation, and all the other emotions. For a reason that God alone knows! But it will be one that works ALL things together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purposes!”

Romans 8:28 (KJV) And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Look at this beautiful scripture in Hosea, this is what God said about Israel. And now, because Jesus paid the price for our sin on the cross, this is for us too!

Hosea 2: 14-15 (AMP)
“Therefore, behold, I will allure Israel

And bring her into the wilderness,
And I will speak tenderly to her [to reconcile her to Me].
“Then I will give her her vineyards from there,
And make the Valley of Achor (troubling) a door of hope and expectation [anticipating the time when I will restore My favor on her].
And she will sing there and respond as in the days of her youth
As in the day when she came up from the land of Egypt.

“Right now God is speaking tenderly to your heart in the wilderness! And He is changing your Valley of “troubling”, into a door of HOPE and EXPECTATION!! And you will “sing” there!!”

“Even in your wilderness season, God has placed a “song” in your heart! A “sound” in your very existence! That right now is giving people hope and expectation again!”

“These are Gods words to you today and everyday! You are in unfamiliar territory and have NOT gone this way before! And that’s totally OK! Cause this “way” is MY way and I DO know EVERY single step you need to take! You are actually on the very brink of your GREATEST victory yet! In every thing you have been through, and everything you will still go through! Always stay seeking My face & WORSHIP Me! I will NEVER abandon you! You are mine! Be hopeful and expectant every single day, saying, “God, I can’t wait to see what plans You have for me for today!”

“And lo, I AM with you always…..”

Words by Angie Van Greuning – “God’s Heartbeat For You…”
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