Look for the small miracles, put your trust in Him


“There are so many things in life that we can be negative about! Everywhere you go people seem to be focusing on the negative! And in reality there are so many negative things happening all around us that cause fear and anxiety to grip you heart!”

“When I look around at what’s happened in our lives over the years! I recognise that we have had many challenges and still do! But somehow within those challenges, I see how many miracles we have experienced! How far we have come! Nobody really knows what it cost you to even get where you are now! And many will never know the story of just how much God and you have accomplished! In His strength! But that’s ok! One day it will be seen by all, for God’s glory!”

“I know that we all still have a long way to go, but God wants you to know today, “you have come SO much further than you have ever realized! And maybe sometimes you wonder, just when are you going to get that breakthrough that God has promised? But in looking for the BIG breakthrough, you are missing out on all the little ones! And it’s those “little” ones that if you miss them…you have missed the “bigger” ones…”

“I believe that God wants to honor you today! I sense so strongly in my spirit that God wants your thinking to shift! Away from looking back and seeing those times you might have failed or when hectic things happened in your life that tore you apart! Those seriously hectic times that you never thought you would survive through! And even those times you should have been dead!”

“I want you from today, to look at how far you have come my child! How many times have I come through for you in that 11th hour! How all those around you expected you to not make it! But miraculously you did! The times when people looked down on you, cause they didn’t “know” better! Others will want what you have, but are not prepared to pay the price you paid. And suddenly you will see those very same people wonder just how did you do it! Just watch, cause I want you to see ALL those miracles and remember them, even now!”

“As you shift your thinking to those things, you will cause a gratefulness to rise up in your heart! And suddenly you will begin to see and experience the most treasured things imaginable! I so much want to show you what I am able to do in the lives of those who, despite what they’re going through, choose to live life with a GRATEFUL and a THANKFUL heart towards Me…”

“You will know and tangibly feel, that you are SO loved! And you will daily experience the “fruit” of My Love! You will see and experience, that I specialise in doing the impossible! And that I do not only do it for others, but that RIGHT NOW I AM doing it for YOU! Why, simply cause I am smitten by you and I absolutely adore you! I love you more than ANY love you can ever imagine! And I am saying this today and EVERY DAY! I am SO proud of you! You could have given up, but you chose not too! GREAT IS YOUR REWARD, even in this life my precious child…”

“I have things in my heart that I want to pour over your lives, and will astound you, cause you never thought you were worthy of these good gifts from my storehouse, from My Throne Room…”

“This has moved my heart….you have taken the time to actually look for the seemingly “small” things, and even when your “pain” was literally blinding you, you still chose to look deeper, and give thanks to Me with a grateful heart. My son….my daughter, do you have ANY idea of just how much that moves my heart….”

“You are someone I can trust…someone I know, will use the “fire of my love” to literally climb in, and find the nuggets of “gold” that is hidden there, only for those who trust Me, even when everything around you seems to be falling apart. You my son…my daughter, I will put on display to show the world, that this is how things USED to look like in your life….but TODAY it changes! TODAY IT CHANGES….!!”

“I have seen and cherished each and every tear….I have been holding you up….when you thought you could never ever get up again! I say this to you my sons and my daughters, that you were born and prepared, FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS…..”

“I chose you for I know the humility of your broken heart. So look Up, and you will see, I am coming, I have come…. Suddenly…..! Open Your heart again…so the King of Glory may enter….!”

“Don’t look at what is seen. For the unseen is about to manifest…And your smile touches my heart deeply….yes YOUR smile….I LOVE your smile…..”

Written by Angie Van Greuning – 9/7/2018 – “God’s Heartbeat For You…”

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