Your time is NOW to RISE UP in Kingdom POWER and AUTHORITY – A prophetic call

Dear Friends!
“God downloaded what I strongly sense is a prophetic call to the Bride of Christ! I humbly share it with you, from my bed, as I rest in Him, while recuperating from my recent back surgery…thank you for your continued prayers and support, saying thank you, does not seem enough, so I have asked God to REWARD you BIG TIME…!!!
Love Angie



“The Holy Spirit is moving in power, in ways that cause us to lay prostrate on the carpet under the “weight” of His Glory! God is taking His “Bride” the Church, into a NEW REALM of experiencing His Glory and the Supernatural, by the POWER and PRESENCE of the Holy Spirit being manifest in “FRESH, NEW” ways!”

“There will be those who will try to stop this Kingdom advancement, because they want things to stay the same, cause they don’t want to rock the boat! Cause after all, “why should we change, I was just getting all “cozy and comfortable!..”

“God is not whispering, but literally “SHOUTING” to His “church,” to RISE UP from the place of COMPLACENCY, for My coming IS near! Yes, you have been through some of the most INTENSE trials, and CHALLENGES that just seemed to pop out of nowhere! But in ONE foul swoop, I AM able to remove that which has been a thorn in your side.”

“I ask you this day…? Have you gained victory over that “thorn” in your side? How… you may ask?…..By letting Me use your life, DESPITE what you have been experiencing! Even though it might STILL be there in the “natural” you will be VERY surprised, at just how much of a SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY, you have gained, even WITHIN that place of “confinement!”

“Listen and hear this today…DO NOT allow ANY condemnation to come over your life, because of all these things happening..! For when challenging times happen, you ALWAYS blame yourself AND wonder what you have done wrong! And this has caused you to be PARALYSED…! This has caused My people to go into a place of “obscurity” and “hiding” and you have felt like you have “missed it!”

“No! My gifts and calling on your life are IRREVOCABLE! What you have been going through is a time where you have not had your “gifts” and “callings” to rely on. This happened so that you may better get to KNOW and LOVE Me, and MY ways, Your Giver, and the One Who has called you! But Satan has lied to you to tell you that you are not worthy to speak of Me and My ways, cause things are not “perfect” in your life. This is a weapon the enemy has been using to paralyse My people!”

“NO MORE…!!!”

“RIGHT NOW, I am breathing into you, what some would call, “your second wind…!” It’s my VERY breath that will now PROPEL you into your “place” in these last days! And that same breath will BLOW AWAY this cloud of condemnation & self pity, that has kept you covered up! I am even NOW, lifting that which you have been “hiding” behind. It will NO LONGER be a valid excuse. For MANY people are dying without hope & My people are giving up, and others, are not sharing the reason for the HOPE they have inside them!”

“For out of that VERY “place,” will come the Voice of Truth! It’s already INSIDE you! You have come to REALLY know and obey My voice…. not out of fear, but out of My INTENSE love that burns “HOT,” and you have “learnt” the “art” of selective hearing, with your SPIRITUAL ears. You have been in a place of “selecting” the “frequency” at which you are listening too. And this will determine what you hear regarding what I am doing IN and THROUGH you. I tell you this day, that NOTHING will change the “quality” of hearing My voice more, than those dark, challenging and uncertain times, where you have simply not been satisfied, till that last “kiss” of My EXPONENTIAL FAVOR brings the GREATEST RELEASE, over ALL things in your life…and its gaining a SERIOUS momentum now!”

“Prepare your nets, put them on the “other side,” “fix your boats, and “be ready!” DO NOT despise your “small” beginnings that others have tried to make you do! For the time is NOW! Your time to RISE UP in Kingdom POWER and AUTHORITY will change the “face” of how “church” is meant to operate!”

“RISE UP and “see” how I AM using you as a CATALYST! To launch the FINAL attack! And that is the ACTUAL manifestation of My true sons and daughters! The Kingdom of God suffers violence, but the violent TAKE IT by force! Its TOO LATE to turn back! Its time to run with the horses…!”

(Angie Van Greuning – “God’s Heartbeat For You…”)
Link to FB post on 14 Nov 2018

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