Using Worship and the Sword of the Spirit to win your Battles…

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“This is a word where God wants me to be vulnerable and share from personal experiences with you. I know that every word has been my experience, and I pray that God will reveal things to you that will touch your life in a mighty way, and give you “keys” to open up doors that you never thought could ever open….Love Angie


“Let me start by sharing a scripture that to this day carries me through….”

“…,the king appointed singers to walk ahead of the army, singing to the Lord and praising him for His holy splendor…At the very moment they began to sing and give praise, the Lord caused the armies…to start fighting among themselves. So when the army arrived…all they saw were dead bodies lying on the ground…” 2 Chron 20:21,22

“This was a REAL physical battle, yet God told them to put the singers in front of the army! Imagine that happening! God is so, so moved by our worship! He WILL fight for us! From my own personal experience, for me, there is no greater weapon, that is not carnal but MIGHTY, in the tearing down of strongholds, than true worship. When we are surrounded and we don’t see a way out….worship Jesus!! When we feel so weak and in so much pain, that we even wonder why we are still here….worship Jesus! When you feel your prayers are not being heard, and you want to give up, thinking surely my God has abandoned me….worship Jesus!!!”

“This part is VERY important!!! When things are happening in your life, and the VERY last thing you would want to EVER do again is worship God, because you have felt broken, battered and bruised! Please worship Jesus with even just a whisper….May I explain something here….this VERY place is EXACTLY where the enemy wants you and me. At a place where you no longer hope in God, and you don’t even have the words. You feel condemned and alone!! It’s in this place that your worship has the MOST power! Cause the enemy thinks he has won!!! But NO! NO! NO! These are lies fabricated by the father of ALL lies!!!”

“I want to ask you to decree and declare this over yourself …stand up and let out a victory ROAR and declare “NO MORE!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! I DRAW THE LINE RIGHT NOW!! THUS FAR AND NO FURTHER!! MY GOD IS WORTHY DESPITE WHAT’S HAPPENING!! AND I WILL PRAISE HIM…!! AND I WILL BE VICTORIOUS!!! IN JESUS NAME!!!” Then you start to worship Jesus!! And then if the enemies forces want to try hang around….then they better get used to watching you worship Your King!! Trust me, when God comes to inhabit our praises, the enemy flees!!!”

“This is how we fight our battles!! As the word I quoted says… “At the very moment they began to sing and give praise, the Lord caused the armies…to start fighting among themselves. So when the army arrived…all they saw were dead bodies lying on the ground…” If you read that again, it does not say, in 3 hours…the Lord did this, or that…No! It says AT THE VERY MOMENT they began to sing and praise…the Lord caused the armies to start fighting among themselves!!! So the enemies plans literally imploded and they killed each other!!! Your challenge that is coming against you, is about to implode!!! You might not see God already moving on your behalf, but He is!!! Be expectant….”

“May I share a very personal story with you….I have myself also experienced being so broken that all I could do was cry, and I began to worship through my tears…they were literally groans…but suddenly God’s Word rose up inside me….cause I was worshipping His Word back to Him. There is power in singing the word and wielding it as a sword… And remember if you sing worship songs, they are the word!! It’s like the Word having worked it’s way through a person, and they put it in a song! It’s God flowing through them as a vessel to release the Truth into the lie that the enemy has you literally paralysed by….”

“There was one time that I was in a very deep depression, and I never knew why, cause I had never experienced depression before. I woke up and I felt no “life” in me to get through my day, and I could not even get up. A dark heavy cloud was weighing me down. I just wanted to rather die! And this I realised was a “strange thing,” cause until then, I had NEVER felt, like I was in such a deep pit, with no hope at all…”

“So I thought to myself, what weapon have I got to fight with? And I remembered that another weapon, is the Sword if the Spirit, which is is the Word of God! So I just happened to have a bright neon orange book next to my bed, with the title written in silver, and it was called “Armed and Dangerous…” It was a book that was full of POWERFUL scriptures to read, and the scriptures were arranged under chapter headings like “Anxiety,” “Depression,” “Hopelesness,” “Fear,” and many others!” (These days you can find scriptures even on the internet and print them out.)

“So I would open the book up, and I would choose a heading that explained what I was feeling. And I started reading those scriptures..! Now I figured that if the enemy can’t read my thoughts, then I needed to actually speak out the words…and I wish I could tell you that immediately I began to BOLDLY declare these words….no ways… I had nothing, no energy, it felt like I had no “life” inside me, so I would read the scriptures, and I wish I could let you actually hear how I would start out. Thinking back now, it was funny, cause it was slow and without ANY motivation to do it at all. This was pure obedience. And as I literally slurred slowly over the words, they were barely coming out my mouth, but I never realised until that day, what it meant when the Bible said, that the Word is living and active, sharper than any two edged sword, dividing between bone and marrow and soul and spirit. ..”

“So as I was slurring over these scriptures, something living and active was causing life, to start being activated from the inside. Almost like trying to start a car and it’s cold outside, and the car is literally slurring as you turn that key. And then the more you do it, SUDDENLY the engine starts!!! The same thing happened to me, and I went from slurring those scriptures, to literally almost shouting them like, “I CAN do ALL things through CHRIST who stengthens me!!!!!” “I am MORE than a conqueror through CHRIST Who GIVES ME STRENGTH!!! Etc. I think you know what I am saying….”

“Then as I was doing that, God showed me a vision of what was actually happening in the spiritual realm, demons were trying to get to me, running and screaming, and each time I read out those scriptures, it was like I was holding a sword, and as these evil forces would try to get to me, they could not reach me, cause the sword was literally chopping off their heads. I just saw heads flying and bodies drop!!! But I also knew, that I was not the only one holding that sword, the Lord was helping me hold it, and fighting for me!!”

“And that would literally infuse life and hope into me, like the engine of the car that suddenly ignites, and is ready to drive!!! And this would get me out of bed, and I would go to run my Real Estate business, and have an awesome day!! And I wish I could tell you that I did it once, and that was it. No! I was in a battle for my life, and the enemy was trying to take me out. Cause he knew that the very weapon he tried to use to take me out, by God’s grace I would use as a story for God’s glory, and the kingdom of darkness would be worse off than when they started to mess with me!! (even though I was not feeling this at the time) So each morning I would wake up and I was in that hopeless dark place again and I would take those scriptures and do the same thing each time and face my day!!”

“In these times, I would also worship Jesus, despite how I felt, and one day in my time of just soaking in His presence, He told me to read the side effects of a chronic medication I was on for about 5 years. And when I read it, the VERY FIRST side effect they noted, was major depression!! Well, I called my doctor, and told him what was happening, and can he please change it to something else. (he must have thought I had lost it, cause I told him that God told me that it was the medication😂) But that very day, I stopped the meds, and two days later, it had worked out of my system, and from that day, I never woke up with that depression again. So not only did God show me how to “fight” and that He fights for me, but He showed me the root of why this was happening, cause it was not something I had ever suffered from at that level. So God reveals His secrets and mysteries to us in these time too! And today I am grateful for that experience, cause I learnt about the power of using worship and the Word as weapons of warfare!!!”

“So I am in lots of pain today as I write this, (it’s taken me since 5.45 am till now to try type this out) and so, my response is to worship Jesus…
“I pour my love upon You. Fragrance of my own. Making adoration, my Home. I feel Your gaze upon me, satisfy my soul. I know I found a place, I belong…To see You face-to-face…See You face-to-face I was made for this, Jesus! Make me to know You, love You, seek You, find You…I was made for love! Make me to see You, hear You, feel You, touch You…I was made for love…” Lord I worship You today from the deepest part of me! I’m overwhelmed by Your love kindness! I give You all I am or hope to be, for all You are….”

“Why do some people radiate Jesus? The more time we spend in His presence, the greater our tolerance becomes for even greater manifestations of His glory! It’s like we get a Son tan! If we expose ourselves to large quantities of the radiation of Gods glory, we will then move “from glory to glory.” This is only experienced with extended time in the presence of the Son….I pray that as you read this word again, and apply the Godly principles I have shared from His heart, and my own experience, or whatever He tells you to do….please know that I speak not from having it all together, but rather a place of total dependence on my precious Daddy God, without which I would not even be able to open even one eye….never mind type this word out…only Jesus…”

(Angie Van Greuning – 8/1/2019 – “God’s Heartbeat For You…”)


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