Unlock a new dimension of authority and power in 2019!

Dear friends!

This is the last day of 2018, one of the MOST hectic years we have personally ever experienced. And I know it’s not just us…. SO many of God’s children can agree….I pray these words from God’s heart will encourage you…Love Angie

“Have you found that this year was one where you were still trying to come up for air, and something happened to push you back down again? Can anyone relate…?”

“There is a place in God that He wants us to reach, where we come to the end of ourselves, but it’s the beginning of His Power being manifest in our weakness! People can spend so much time rebuking the devil, to cast out or get rid of that “weakness,” instead of asking God, what He intends for us to do in His strength and for His glory in that moment!”


“If the very Son of God did the most powerful thing in the world, at His weakest moment, hanging on a cross, then it’s safe to say, that in our weakest times, God CAN and WILL be manifest through and in us, even when we think we are feeling worthless! Yet that’s the time we are the strongest in Divine and Supernatural strength!”

“As we cross over soon into 2019, let’s not allow the enemy of our souls to keep us stuck in a rut, believing that only when you have got it all together, God will bless you and use you! The complete opposite is true! God wants to be glorified in and through you! And when you rise up despite your “pain” and “challenges” and reach out to make a difference, and “do what matters…” that’s when people say, “that could not possibly be you, you are way too weak for that!” And then God gets the glory! I know for sure that’s me right now…”

“Something is happening inside us each day, as we surrender to His Power and Strength! He is wanting to accomplish great and mighty exploits through you and me! This is a new season and a new day! Don’t look at your past to determine your future! Don’t even look at this last year and think it’s going to be your future. Let’s take what we can use from it and let it grow us… See that He is doing a new thing!”

“Those who are TOTALLY dependant on Him for every breath they take, his provision, every task they take on, and every step they take, those are the people who have really come to know their God! They have a depth of understanding not of this world! For they have touched the hem of His garment, as they pushed through the crowds, out of a place of obscurity, not being concerned about what man will think, and have learnt the art of TOTAL abandonment to Him! And this has been a lesson learned only in the school of life!”

“You have no idea just how much God has already planned for you! How many doors are already open for you! How many miracles and breakthroughs have already got your name on it! For you have been faithful, even when it cost!”

“Feel the “shift” even this very moment, like a “key” that has unlocked a new dimension of authority and power in the earth! One that is “backed” by Heaven! Heaven is invading earth in this season like never before! Many of us can say that this year has been one of our worst years! Yet God told me that these challenges have been a training ground for our promotion in the Spirit!”

“I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Matthew 16:19

“Now step into your destiny and calling, knowing that your Father has good things in store for you! And this “shift” is from a place of “hiddenness” to a place of “manifestation” of the sons and daughters of God! Much will be accomplished even in and especially when you feel weak! God’s power and strength will take control! Your weakness will become a “platform” for His glory to be revealed!”

“May God give us the grace to “harness” our “weakness” as a chariot to enter into His “arena”, for you were born for such a time as this!”

(Angie Van Greuning – “God’s Heartbeat For You…”)

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