God is releasing gold letters falling from a huge open Heaven

Hi friends! I got this vision and word a while ago, and I felt strongly led to post it now! So once again I humbly submit, what I believe, to be God’s heartbeat for us in these times. And pray you will also have some understanding of what God is doing in your very own”world” right now. Love Angie


“I see a great opening into Heaven, a vast expanse of extraordinary light shining down over the earth! As I look up I see pieces of paper made from thin “slices” of gold, it almost looks like gold leaves, and it’s falling down from this “open heaven”…”

“As it’s falling, I see many people noticing it and trying to catch as many of these “notes” from Heaven. I see now that on these gold letters are words actually etched and burnt into the gold paper. Almost like it’s been melted to make way for all that’s been written.”

“I also see many who are rushing along and not even actually “seeing” these gold letters falling from open Heaven! They are almost bothered by it, cause it’s in the way of what they’re trying to do and where they’re going! So they “shewing ” it with their hands out of the way, almost like you would “shew” a flying insect away from flying too close.”

“I asked God what this beautiful sight is? All these gold papers that were falling as they were coming down, were glistening in the almost blinding light that came out of the open Heaven.”

“He said to me, “these are the Divine Assignments, and everything my children need to get through this new season and level you are entering into! They are also strategies and directions to places of victory in Me! They are answers to prayers that have been unanswered for years, and some for generations. They are leaves from the pages of My book of each person’s life, giving you a glimpse into the future I have planned for you!”

“It’s time for My glory to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea! These golden “notes” have been written by the very finger of God! And they’re not just falling randomly! Each and every one has a specific destination! No one will fight or scramble to grab as much as they can, I have purposed that each “note” will get to the exact person or situation or challenge that it’s meant to get to!”

“For what I am releasing out of Heaven for you, has not come to you because of you following for example a “program” called “The 5 steps to My glory!” No, it’s come cause you have allowed My fire to continue to burn “white” hot, inside you, and therefore no outside fire could consume you!”

“So it’s from MY heart, cause I have seen how you have just kept going and persevered under great trial and affliction! But you have continued to glorify Me! You have stood strong with Me in the “fire” and you might not know it yet, but it’s the very “coals” from your firey trials, that have caused the “leaves” of gold to melt and to be dislodged and fall from Heaven, and find its way to you!”

“This is a season of great joy, as you receive My promises to you personally! But there will be those who are so busy rushing around in this season, that they are actually “shewing” away My personal notes for their lives. They have their eyes on many other things, but just as My people did not know, that I sent My son into the world as a man, and they “missed it” completely! So these people are doing the same thing.”

“I have so much I AM releasing from My Throne right now, it’s imperative that you position yourself in a place of “rest” from laboring and toiling. You are mine, and what I have released to you Supernaturally, has way more value than anything this world can give you! I AM calling you into the Secret Place of My Presence, The Holy of Holies, the Throne Room of God!”

“I seek relationship with you as the Crown Jewel of My creation! I will impart into you and through you, all you need for this new level in the Spirit! Each “gold note” that is addressed to you, will find you! But you must recognise it as being from Me, even if it does not look or sound like what you expected! I know exactly what I AM doing in and through your life, and some “gold notes” you will think have been “delivered” to the wrong person!”

“You will say, “this could not possibly be for me! It’s too BIG!! I don’t deserve this….” But it is for you My child! I have been preparing you, during these firey times from deep inside you and I have been equipping you! Through every trial and “pain” you have had to, and are still walking through, I have been equipping you, for SUCH A TIME AS THIS!”

“It’s time for the manifestation of My sons and daughters on the earth! You will know this is Me, for you will not even recognise yourself, cause there will be so much of Me, and My purpose, cause your thoughts of your purpose in this earth for My glory, have been way too small and limited to the knowledge only of the natural world you live in!”

“Step into the Supernatural flow of My Spirit! Receive what I AM releasing to each one, in this “open heaven!” Yes you waited, you trusted, you persevered, even when others misunderstood you and at times judged you and even said, but where is your God! Just like the King of Assyria thousands of years ago, mocked my people and their faith in Me as their God!”

“I sent one angel to take out 185 000 of those that were against them! (2 Kings 19:35) And I AM the same yesterday, today and forever, so I will do this and much more for you! Many of these “gold notes” from My Throne, are cancelling out the “letters of accusation” against you! For I have gone ahead and given you exponential favor in all things pertaining to you, and those all around you will know it’s Me…and they will desire to have you have, and I will give you a new boldness, to be ready to always give the reason for the Hope that you have…as more than ever, people need to run into My “safe” place, the Secret Place…of My Presence…where I AM waiting…”

(Angie Van Greuning – “God’s Heartbeat For You…”)

“You are worthy to take the scroll
and to open its seals,
because you were slain,
and with your blood you purchased for God
persons from every tribe and language and people and nation. . . .
Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain,
to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength
and honor and glory and praise!”
Revelations 5:9-10

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