Keys to Provision for those in Kingdom Business or Christians struggling with lack.

If you are in any way struggling with lack, or believe you may be called in Kingdom Business, this may unlock some things that have kept you stuck up to now.

Lets follow the Holy Spirit in faith, trust and obedience and start giving where and how much He shows us, so that we can start to walk in the multiplied abundance that God promises in His Word.

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Praying through memories of trauma

Follow up to yesterday’s voice note where we dealt with abusive words and thoughts spoken over you. There may have been some negative emotions and memories that came up after that prayer that we need to deal with. We did ask Holy Spirit to reveal to us things that we may have forgotten. We also […]

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Stand up in your identity in Christ, beloved!

Prayer and scripture to remove abusive words and thoughts spoken over you. Stand up in your identity in Christ. You are who HE says you are. I cancel every negative word spoken over you in Jesus Name. Scriptures: For You formed my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise You, […]

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Stand up, you are forgiven, warrior bride!

A vision of a warrior bride, dressed in royal purple, standing up out of the ashes, forgiven, wielding the sword of the spirit. You are called to stand up and be what Jesus created you to be. The whole earth is waiting for the sons and daughters of God to be revealed. Prayer and scripture […]

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Humble yourself before the Lord

Encouragement & prayer for you today, you are welcome to share to whoever you think needs to hear this. I will be sharing some short voice notes in the morning on the group as the Lord leads. ❤️ If you are forwarding it – please add these links so people can find us and join: […]

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Feeling crushed, scared, broken, surrounded or in any kind of pain?

“Lord forgive me for so often reacting to the enemy and the attacks that he launches, without thinking first, and listening to Your heartbeat on a matter. Holy Spirit, please convict me when I try to do this…. to live in response to my Father instead… For Your glory in Jesus name!”

“Because I have learnt to fight for myself and those I love for most of my life, that I never realized that actually I often live in “reaction” to the devil and his attacks on our lives, not realizing just how powerful it must be to rather ALWAYS, not sometimes, choose to ask God what He wants me to do or say, and then rather “responding” to my Father in that moment…”

“Cause if I did that, I would be able to get my Father’s heart in the matter and His perfect will. It’s strange how we can daily submit our character to Him and our lives to Him, but still operate in the natural and not in a Supernatural way…”

“Let’s be encouraged today, that He knows the way we take, and He knows the pitfalls that lay ahead. And He already has a solution, before we knew that we even had a “problem…” and if we live in response to our Father, we will always walk in His perfect will! And if the road you’re walking on, with Him, is rough, know that even this very moment, He will move Heaven and earth, to answer our prayers according to His will…”

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