Keys to set the right daily goals for your life and Kingdom Business

I believe the Lord showed me one of the Keys this morning to entering your Promised Land. Don’t we all want to get out of the wilderness and over the Jordan river into the land of milk and honey? It is very simple, and we have heard this before. But are we implementing it in our lives?

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Boodskap aan Afrikaners en Boere, neem nou die Swaard van die Gees op

Message for a specific people group in Afrikaans, their native language.

Belangrike boodskap aan die Afrikaner en spesifiek die boere soos ontvang op 17 en 18 Nov 2020. Ons geveg is nie teen mense, vlees en bloed nie. (Efesiërs 6) Ons kan nie met menslike wapens teen die geweld, plaas aanvalle, droogte, finansiële krisis en ander omstandighede veg nie. Dit is tyd dat jy weet hoe om jou swaard in die Gees te gebruik. Het al jou ander planne en metodes tot dusver geslaag? God sê Hy gaan iets nuuts doen, dit is op die punt om te gebeur (Jes 43:19). Om ‘n ander resultaat te kry moet jy jou optrede en geveg strategie verander, Afrikaner. Gee alles oor aan God, gee Hom toestemming om oor te neem en neem die Swaard van die Gees, die Woord van God op. Luister asb na die stemboodskap en hoor en spreek die strategie van bo af. Ek roep ‘n volk om op te staan in die volheid van sy doel aan die suidpunt van Afrika.

Stemboodskap uitgestuur 19/11/2020 stuur asb aan vriende en familie en spesifiek die boere maar is op almal van toepassing.

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How to hear from God yourself / Pastors let’s teach How

Scripture references for the voice note that was sent out on 18 Oct 2020. (listen to audio)
Are you able to hear clearly from God yourself? Pastors / ministers / church leaders – are you teaching the members of your church how to come into the presence of God themselves and hear from Him directly? Our entry into the presence of the living God happens on the pattern of the tabernacle. Jesus is our High Priest. Jesus said His sheep knows His voice and follow Him. We should encounter Jesus and follow Him every day. It is a daily encounter.
Pastors, ministers and church leaders – are you equipping your church members to hear from God themselves and how to enter His presence themselves? Or are you keeping them as lambs so they can follow you instead of Jesus? The great commission is to make disciples, not to plant churches or even to lead people to salvation only.
Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Mat 28:19-20

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How to encounter the Person of Jesus Christ within the scriptures

One of the secrets that has helped me immensely to date where engaging with the Word of God is concerned, is that my intention and pursuit should be to encounter the Person of Jesus Christ within the scriptures. The Word of God is the very Life and Spirit of God, and is therefore Christ Himself. […]

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Lockdown Revelations – Speak to me, I’m listening

Many of us are struggling to be still in front of God, just sitting and listening. I desire to live in such a way that nothing in this world should take my complete focus off of what is pleasing to God. I want to be so tuned in to Him that His voice is the only voice guiding me. With some effort and willpower on my part (especially with my lack of concentration and hyperactivity brain activity – let’s raise hands, who can relate to that?), and a whole lot of Holy Spirit guiding me, warming me up from the inside and giving me revelations, I sometimes find myself leaning on His chest, with my ear right against His heart.

Many people cry out to God for help, and God helps them now. They even come closer to God but after the worst is over people will turn back to their old ways. They are going to get lazy again and go back to their old comforts. I found myself wondering why some stay on the right path, growing into mature Christians, and why others simply don’t.

Those who fall away again, do not listen to the Holy Spirit. Their eyes remain closed, and their hearts remain hardened. But why do some listen to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and act on His voice, and others don’t? What is the missing piece? It wrecked my brain to such an extent that I could not sleep at night. It made me feel helpless, so I started reading Bible verse after Bible verse to find an answer.

This is what I discovered …

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How to wait, pray and connect directly to God in this crazy time

The Lord has told me to write a short, simple guideline to Christians who goes to church on Sundays, or believe they are Christian, but do not have a personal relationship with Him, i.e. they are not hearing directly from God every day via reading of His Word, praying and more. You may even be reading and praying, but feel like God is not hearing you, or the words in the Bible makes little sense.

You may have noticed the world went a little crazy with the Corona Virus (COVID-10) spreading across the world. Shutting down many counties, people are going into lock down and your finances are in a mess. Everyone has an opinion, or a “Word from the Lord” to share. Fake News or “The Lord Says”. If you as a Christian are to get to the other side of this craziness unharmed, you need to be able to connect and hear directly from God yourself. The next 21 days are crucial as we build up to Passover or “Easter”. If ever you needed to hear directly from the living God, now is the time to start. Interested to know how?

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