The God that defends you in the Storm

I saw this amazing photo from storm chaser and photographer Brandon Montgomery, and the Lord spoke to me. He led me to Psalm 18 and Deuteronomy 32. Though torrents of chaos surround you, Beloved, God is arising to defend you and carry you! Even the fiercest of storms are no match for your Dread Champion! He parts the heavens and comes down with dark clouds beneath His feet! Like a Mighty Eagle, He soars on the Wings of the Winds! He has come to save you, Child of God! He has come to show Himself MIGHTY on your behalf!

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Faith is the currency of heaven

Mariana prays and shares on faith and what it means to be in faith. Too many christians are walking around not receiving healing or breakthrough in their finances or relationships, but having the right kind of faith is step one. The Lord Jesus has already paid on the cross for our healing and abundance. But we need to use the currency of heaven to bring it down to earth. Listen more on that…

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Feeling crushed, scared, broken, surrounded or in any kind of pain?

“Lord forgive me for so often reacting to the enemy and the attacks that he launches, without thinking first, and listening to Your heartbeat on a matter. Holy Spirit, please convict me when I try to do this…. to live in response to my Father instead… For Your glory in Jesus name!”

“Because I have learnt to fight for myself and those I love for most of my life, that I never realized that actually I often live in “reaction” to the devil and his attacks on our lives, not realizing just how powerful it must be to rather ALWAYS, not sometimes, choose to ask God what He wants me to do or say, and then rather “responding” to my Father in that moment…”

“Cause if I did that, I would be able to get my Father’s heart in the matter and His perfect will. It’s strange how we can daily submit our character to Him and our lives to Him, but still operate in the natural and not in a Supernatural way…”

“Let’s be encouraged today, that He knows the way we take, and He knows the pitfalls that lay ahead. And He already has a solution, before we knew that we even had a “problem…” and if we live in response to our Father, we will always walk in His perfect will! And if the road you’re walking on, with Him, is rough, know that even this very moment, He will move Heaven and earth, to answer our prayers according to His will…”

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Broken One, Arise in why you were created by God

“I sense God telling us these things… let’s keep being there for one another. Not one of us can say that they are not, or have not been broken at some time in our lives. There is a reason why we have made it this far. Brokenness comes in many forms. Yet God will meet us where we find ourselves. So we must not give up!”

“Brokenness gives us access to a dimension of God and at the same time, a depth of understanding humanity, that can come in no other way! The most intimate form of love, is to worship the object of our love, Jesus Christ, even with every broken piece of our hearts…”

“Even when it hurts…God is saying to us, don’t dwell on the why’s or the why nots, focus on the Who…! The person of Jesus, who IS STILL worthy of it all!”

“We are so much more valuable in our brokenness, cause God pours that gold refined in the fire, into the cracks, and puts us all together again. But our hearts will still have the “cracks” and patches, and even pieces that have been torn out by the circumstances of life, but only when we have been broken, can we help heal others.”

“Today, lets take every shattered piece of our hearts, and let every piece worship our Faithful God.”

“When we are able to access this dimension of love and worship, we will walk in the Supernatural, cause the natural has failed us. But just watch what God does, when we lay each piece of our brokenness, at the foot of the cross… we will experience the true essence of RESURRECTION LIFE! Because He rose, we WILL rise, and reach those that so many simply don’t understand.”

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He is faithful. Stop, rest and listen.

Many years ago, I was out of work and tried to find employment to no avail. Frustrated at not being able to earn my own living, I determined that I would move into one of the places set aside for prayer and fasting in my country and stay there until God answers my prayer.

I walked into that prayer mountain angry, with a loud mouth before God and a lot of noise in His Presence. From day one, I brought out my prayer list and talked non-stop before Him.
Read what happened after a while…

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Corona Virus – Christians, do not follow the narrative of the world

I hear the Lord saying with sadness in His voice, “Many of the people shouting the loudest about the Corona virus and cursing the government have not spent even five minutes praying about the situation. Instead of setting the pace for the world and being the light in this dark times, many of My People have chosen the narrative of the world. They are speaking like the world. Cursing their government. Confessing that they are now finished and headed for death.

Where are those who will wait in My Presence and travail for the nation until the hearts of kings are turned and influenced by My Spirit? We can see what everybody is seeing, but we also know something the world doesn’t know. We know God’s power. We know His Word. We know His promises. Therefore our speech CANNOT be exactly as the world’s. Let 100% of your energy concerning this situation and other crises in your nation be intercession and travail.

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But GOD… Arise Warrior Bride and reflect His Glory!

“God said this to my heart… The enemy is trying to break you, cause ALL of hell knows that My purposes in your life WILL be fulfilled, and he is terrified of you My Warrior Bride, My remnant, that is this very moment rising up out of the ashes, and taking her position and standing at her “post” as part of my great end time army …cause the “fire” you have been going through, has caused you to come forth as PURE gold, shining SO brightly for ALL to see, that the enemy cannot even look in your direction, for My glory is shining in you and through you! For I am your glory and the lifter of your head….”

“We can all draw close to Him with the veil removed from our faces. And with no veil we all become like mirrors who brightly reflect the glory of the Lord Jesus. We are being transfigured into His very image as we move from one brighter level of glory to another. And this glorious transfiguration comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.” 2 Corinthians 3:18 (TPT)

“I have placed a “breaker anointing” inside you, for I am using you as a wrecking ball, to take out and crush strongholds of religion and legalism that has robbed My Church of its power! Many things have tried to break you, but they have only served to make you a more powerful “weapon” of mass destruction for My Kingdom purposes!! These things have increased the authority and intensity of the anointing you walk in that destroys and shatters strongholds, just by your very presence!”

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A Journey from Anxiety to Grace

The wonderful testimony of this daughter of the most High King, struggling through anxiety, striving everyday to be the perfect Christian, but never feeling like she is doing it right or enough. As she leaves for her first overseas holiday with her family, she takes us on a journey. Listen to the songs (placed in between the words) while reading about her story. How the Lord reveals to her His true heart and sets her free. By His perfect Love that none of us deserve, but that He gifts to us freely.

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