Keys to set the right daily goals for your life and Kingdom Business

I believe the Lord showed me one of the Keys this morning to entering your Promised Land. Don’t we all want to get out of the wilderness and over the Jordan river into the land of milk and honey? It is very simple, and we have heard this before. But are we implementing it in our lives?

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FAITH works through LOVE

Our faith becomes evident to others through love.  If you follow Jesus, you should serve others, and love them as yourself. 

Even though we are not saved by how good we can keep the law, our faith becomes evident to others by the way we treat them, how much love we walk in.  
The love of Jesus will start to flow through us to hurting people around us, as we start to help, pray for, serve others.
Read more on the law, faith and love, our God is so faithful! …

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The God that defends you in the Storm

I saw this amazing photo from storm chaser and photographer Brandon Montgomery, and the Lord spoke to me. He led me to Psalm 18 and Deuteronomy 32. Though torrents of chaos surround you, Beloved, God is arising to defend you and carry you! Even the fiercest of storms are no match for your Dread Champion! He parts the heavens and comes down with dark clouds beneath His feet! Like a Mighty Eagle, He soars on the Wings of the Winds! He has come to save you, Child of God! He has come to show Himself MIGHTY on your behalf!

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Faith is the currency of heaven

Mariana prays and shares on faith and what it means to be in faith. Too many christians are walking around not receiving healing or breakthrough in their finances or relationships, but having the right kind of faith is step one. The Lord Jesus has already paid on the cross for our healing and abundance. But we need to use the currency of heaven to bring it down to earth. Listen more on that…

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The blood of Jesus WILL save you from COVID

In response to the banner that was hung by the Central Methodist Mission in Greenpoint, Cape Town in October 2021.

Please will the believers and church in Cape Town and South Africa stand up with me and pray against this spirit of the anti-christ who is trying to silence us and derail the coming revival and outpouring of the spirit of Jesus Christ over this nation. We say no. We do NOT agree with the banner put up in Greenmarket square.

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To Angie, thank you

A dear contributor to Diary of Hope, Angie van Greuning, passed away on 25 August 2021 unexpectedly after years of worshiping through intense pain and many trials. Our hearts are very sore Angie, but we hold onto your wonderful words and encouragements given to us through you from the Lord over many years.
Listen to a wonderful song and live stream she left us that will encourage and uplift your soul. Especially to anyone that recently lost a loved one.

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