Broken One, Arise in why you were created by God

“I sense God telling us these things… let’s keep being there for one another. Not one of us can say that they are not, or have not been broken at some time in our lives. There is a reason why we have made it this far. Brokenness comes in many forms. Yet God will meet us where we find ourselves. So we must not give up!”

“Brokenness gives us access to a dimension of God and at the same time, a depth of understanding humanity, that can come in no other way! The most intimate form of love, is to worship the object of our love, Jesus Christ, even with every broken piece of our hearts…”

“Even when it hurts…God is saying to us, don’t dwell on the why’s or the why nots, focus on the Who…! The person of Jesus, who IS STILL worthy of it all!”

“We are so much more valuable in our brokenness, cause God pours that gold refined in the fire, into the cracks, and puts us all together again. But our hearts will still have the “cracks” and patches, and even pieces that have been torn out by the circumstances of life, but only when we have been broken, can we help heal others.”

“Today, lets take every shattered piece of our hearts, and let every piece worship our Faithful God.”

“When we are able to access this dimension of love and worship, we will walk in the Supernatural, cause the natural has failed us. But just watch what God does, when we lay each piece of our brokenness, at the foot of the cross… we will experience the true essence of RESURRECTION LIFE! Because He rose, we WILL rise, and reach those that so many simply don’t understand.”

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