A queen will always turn pain into power

Dear friends! I write not from a place of strength, but a place of weakness and excruciating pain from major lower back surgery, on the 5 September 2018. And at the same time I still have pain 24/7 from pressure on the brain. So as I write, please don’t think that I have it all together, I seriously don’t and I need God EVERY SINGLE DAY, just to give me the privilege of His breath in my lungs! I share from my heart to yours, and I know it’s from God’s heart, to encourage our hearts too…Love Angie 💖💙💚

“This is a very powerful, empowering, and such a very true statement in this image below…! And it’s for men and women….”

“If I may speak from deep in my heart….I have the IMMENSE privilege of calling many precious people I have met on my journey, dealing with “pain” 24/7, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, financial or relational, MY VERY DEAR FRIENDS! Cause actually we ALL dealing with SOMETHING right…!And we walk a long silent road together. These words are SO true of each one of you! You know who you are! “A queen/king will ALWAYS turn pain into power…!”

“I encourage each “queen” and “king” out there, dealing with ANY form of “pain” 24/7, to use your “pain” to touch others in their pain! I know it’s not always possible to be there for everyone, all of the time, because of your own “pain,” even those close to us, and it might break your heart. But we can be there for just one maybe….? And many times you might feel like a burden. But don’t believe that lie, you are not, you could have died, but you are STILL here…! There is a reason for that my friend…!”

“One of my favourite quotes is “By lifting others up…we rise” and another one is “Aspire, to inspire, before you expire…!” And if I may say from experience, it sometimes feels SO overwhelming, that you feel you just can’t anymore. And I want you to know that I relate…and it’s ok to have those days…! I am having a few right now…! But I won’t allow myself to get into self pity, at least not for too long, cause what I focus on, I will become…and I am NOT my pain, and neither are you my friend!”

“But the important thing to remember, is that you have, and are still gaining VERY VALUABLE insights, in life, on how to get through each day with 24/7 pain. And we have an EXTREMELY unique and special part to play, in touching the lives of others, even just ONE person!”

“I am personally of the belief, that whatever we’re dealing with in life, has been ENTRUSTED to us…and what we do with it, can make our lives and the lives of others, “bitter” or “better,” and it’s OUR choice…”

“And I will admit, at times, you feel like you just want to run away, and bring Heaven on already…yet, if you touch just ONE life with your UNIQUE and VALUABLE treasures you have gained on this journey, you too will be that “queen” or “king” that turns your “pain” into power!”

“When we can find purpose in our pain, by “doing what matters” each day, in even TINY ways…I promise you, something happens inside you, that will carry you through, even just that day, or even the next hour! But know this, we can ALL make a difference, DESPITE and even IN our “pain…!” You have received valuable truths that others need to know, so they can know how to get through their pain.”

“And I personally want to say a huge THANK YOU to all those who, regardless of your own “pain,” are daily touching lives, that you don’t even realise you are touching, cause you are just being that precious and wonderful you…! And TODAY I want to also thank YOU for touching MY life…! I am FOREVER grateful! Please don’t give up…we need YOU….”

Love Angie Van Greuning
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Photo credit: Jessica Felicio

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